I met my 1st Filipino model for my street portraiture. When I approached him, he immediately asked me if I was Filipino because of my accent. We instantly connected so it was easy to ask him for a snap shot. We talked while he waited for his girlfriend to finish work. His hairstyle really caught my attention. He was perfect because I've also been looking out for a model with headphones. I think it's a cool accessory. He is half Filipino and half Kiwi, but he can't speak our native language. We talked about Anime which I'm also a fan of. A couple of minutes later, his girlfriend arrived and I chatted with her as well. She was too shy to be photographed so I told her I'll just take a candid shot of them instead so she won't need to look at the camera. It works as I wanted a candid shot of them to compliment my street portrait of Josh. It was great meeting them and I know I'll see more of them for sure.

Josh 01

Josh 03

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