I've been trying to scout some areas in the main city to get more interesting subjects. I met Guy, a 22yrs old student from AUT, and taking up Anthropology. He was being filmed by one of his friend and I just tag along to catch some stills shots of him in actions. I showed him the photos and quite happy for the output coming from my screen. It's a good addition to my project and hoping to get more people involve into it.

Nationality: Kiwi

Faces of Street of Auckland [Guy]

Guy in action

Guy BW-1

Guy BW-2

Guy BW-3

Guy BW-4


Faces of Street of Auckland [Jennifer]

Jennifer Elisabeth Tooley

Passing Aoetea Centre, I saw a dance group rehearsing for their routine. Offering all smile to my camera so I never hesitate to take a couple of shots. I showed them the photos and asked if who will they pick if I do a street portrait and all are in favour of Jennifer.

She's been dancing ever since she was 3 years old and her school head teacher was her biggest inspiration. After school she spent most of her time honing her singing and dancing skills as she loves performing arts. It was the day of their much anticipated talent competition after 4 months of hard work and dedication. They combine fusion of Ballet and Hip Hop into one piece and everything payed off when they placed 2nd in the raw division. 

Manurewa HS 07

Manurewa HS 08 copy


Faces of Street of Auckland [Pedro]

A talented musician from Republic of Chile and plays double bass (or also called a string bass) as a profession. It was an all out performance from Pedro when I caught him busking at Downtown. You'll never missed that low pitched bass sound when you walk pass Queen Street.

Pedro extras 4
He played 6 hours straight and all the hard work are very evident on those blisters. 
Pedro extras 1
Pedro extras 2


Faces of Street of Auckland [Tomomi]

Here's a familiar face here in Downtown Auckland, Tomomi an immigrant from Japan which started his career in Christchurch working for a Japanese company and moved here in Auckland recently. I've 1st met him a couple of months ago and got plenty of photos of him but I wasn't happy for the portrait that I shot for him. I just kept those photos on archived and get another chance later. But last night was my lucky day, I'm glad I brought my camera on my bag. He easily recognized me and I told him that I want to have another portrait of him. Everything went smoothly as I've already know on how to shoot him and it only took me probably 10 secs. If you happen to visit downtown Auckland, try to check the No.1 Queen street Cafe and he can serve you a nice cup of coffee.

Tomomi 5

Tomomi 4

Tomomi 3

I received a couple of queries on how I choose my background. I normally look for bright details with light reflection like headlights from a car, traffic lights, or a establishment like this sample below. I do some test shots 1st until I decided to used it as my main background for my Street Portrait.

Tomomi 2

Dave the Bouncer

Faces of Street of Auckland [Dave]

I met Dave last July 2010 when he 1st do my street portraiture project. I never used those photos as I'm having a hard time which one to choose from. Among the people that I've asked around for my project, I spent more time talking with him as if I've known him for a long time. He's a fine gentlemen and very approachable if you ask me. Not someone that you'll ask for a photograph...For sure you'll recognize him especially if you live in Auckland because his face is quite staple here in downtown Queen street.

I printed some of Dave's photos from last year and just this week I have the opportunity to visit him to  give those photos. 
Dave 2

Here's another one from last year which I was planning to used for this project but decided not to go with it...
Dave 3

He was so cool to posed for me here when I bumped to him again last year.
Dave 5

And just typical Dave giving me the thumbs up...
Dave 4


Faces of Street of Auckland [Christian]

I saw Christian with his friend doing freeline skates from the downhill street of Victoria. They started skating from Sky City Tower all the way down to Queen street. That's enough to caught my attention and grab my camera from my bag. I just tried to stay cool and approached them down at Queen street right after running to catch them. It all went well and had some quick street portrait shot of Christian which my 1st few shots was quite challenging as he don't know what to do in front of the camera. But in the end he managed to give me a straight look and got the shot that I wanted.

Freeline Skates – one two-wheeled skateboard for each foot

Chris Tian 2 copy

Chris Tian 3


Faces of Street of Auckland [Aaron]

He was with Carey Lee when I had the chance to shoot him for my Faces of Street of Auckland. Born in Fiji and now an Aucklander. He love's to play rugby and really into hip hop music. A member of a rap group called "BMF".