Dave the Bouncer

Faces of Street of Auckland [Dave]

I met Dave last July 2010 when he 1st do my street portraiture project. I never used those photos as I'm having a hard time which one to choose from. Among the people that I've asked around for my project, I spent more time talking with him as if I've known him for a long time. He's a fine gentlemen and very approachable if you ask me. Not someone that you'll ask for a photograph...For sure you'll recognize him especially if you live in Auckland because his face is quite staple here in downtown Queen street.

I printed some of Dave's photos from last year and just this week I have the opportunity to visit him to  give those photos. 
Dave 2

Here's another one from last year which I was planning to used for this project but decided not to go with it...
Dave 3

He was so cool to posed for me here when I bumped to him again last year.
Dave 5

And just typical Dave giving me the thumbs up...
Dave 4

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