Faces of Street of Auckland [Tomomi]

Here's a familiar face here in Downtown Auckland, Tomomi an immigrant from Japan which started his career in Christchurch working for a Japanese company and moved here in Auckland recently. I've 1st met him a couple of months ago and got plenty of photos of him but I wasn't happy for the portrait that I shot for him. I just kept those photos on archived and get another chance later. But last night was my lucky day, I'm glad I brought my camera on my bag. He easily recognized me and I told him that I want to have another portrait of him. Everything went smoothly as I've already know on how to shoot him and it only took me probably 10 secs. If you happen to visit downtown Auckland, try to check the No.1 Queen street Cafe and he can serve you a nice cup of coffee.

Tomomi 5

Tomomi 4

Tomomi 3

I received a couple of queries on how I choose my background. I normally look for bright details with light reflection like headlights from a car, traffic lights, or a establishment like this sample below. I do some test shots 1st until I decided to used it as my main background for my Street Portrait.

Tomomi 2

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